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Clovis Solar Installation

Did you know one of the world’s cleanest and most abundant energy sources is all around us and ripe for harvesting? The sun pelts the energy with immense amounts of energy every day, and this energy can be converted to clean, renewable electricity for powering your home or business. At Valley Unique Electric & Solar, we make collecting solar power possible by designing and installing effective, reliable, and long-lasting solar energy systems for both residential and commercial customers. We utilize some of the finest products available and our crews offer experienced installation and maintenance services so they remain as efficient as possible.

Valley Unique Electric & Solar takes pride in being the company customers choose to help them with this transition into the future of energy. As a family-operated local business, we do everything we can to provide you with memorable service. Our technicians are experienced, friendly, and dedicated to helping your move to solar go seamlessly. We handle all installations ourselves to ensure every detail is handled to the highest levels of quality—no subcontractors. When we’re done, we stand by our installation and offer a full range of maintenance and upkeep solutions to maintain efficiency and improve longevity.

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Why Switch to Solar?

Switching to solar offers home and business owners a number of benefits. Not only has solar technology come down in price to the point where it is affordable on nearly any budget, but the savings on energy costs often more than pay for the entire cost of the system. That means solar is an investment that almost always pays for itself in time.

Here are just a few of the reasons our customers switch to solar:

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Cleaner power with dramatically reduced dependence on fossil fuel power plants
  • Put unused space to work: Solar power can go in places that are typically unused, such as on rooftops or over parking stalls. That allows you to utilize otherwise dead space.
  • Sell unused power back to the grid: California’s friendly net metering laws mean you can sell any unused solar energy back to the grid at full retail prices. That increases savings even more and even further reduces the strain on the grid.


If you are considering solar we highly recommend Shauna Coyle and Valley Unique!
- Jessica P.

Commercial Solar Installations

Businesses can often take advantage of solar in even more extensive ways than homeowners can! Because businesses are typically open and operating during peak solar generating hours, solar can dramatically reduce or even eliminate grid dependence, depending on the size of your business. That means much lower overhead costs and more comfortable operating margins. Plus solar is a great look for eco-conscious customers who carefully choose where they shop. 

Valley Unique Electric & Solar has helped business from a variety of industries make the switch to solar. Whether you’re looking to build out a full-fledged parking lot cover system with high-efficiency solar panels or you just want your office to have a clean source of power, talk to our team about your options and we’ll help you build out a perfect solution. 

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Whether you’re looking to transition your home or business, reach out to Valley Unique Electric & Solar today for more information!